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The WorldLinkCoin system is built to generate passive income with your investment and significantly multiply profits. We do not use other customer's capital to pay you. We use powerful artificial intelligence trading software at the background, it has undergone scrutiny and had been approved for it's efficiency, stability in performance and ability to give high and profitable returns. We are the most trusted platform and a global leader in digital asset management in cryptocurrency.


Investment Plan

We enable investors to earn 5% - 25% monthly profit allocated to your account or wallet.

AI Arbitrage Referral Program

You can also enjoy great referral commission as benefit for inviting your friends to join our platform. You will earn 100% matching Bonus for Level 1 and 5% matching Bonus for Level 2 to Level 21

Why world link coin?

24/7/365 Days of Operation and Support

Our AI Arbitrage system is always working on auto-pilot (24/7) and crypto never sleeps, neither do we.

No fees or Commission

We do not take commission to manage your investment and no extra fees like monthly management fee, transaction fees or membership fees.

Zero Risk

We can guarantee a risk free investment for our customers because we use the most powerful AI Arbitrage software for trading and managing of your crypto .

Capital Protection

Your digital currency or investments are kept protected in our proprietary cold and secured storage vault.

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Why Choose World Link Coin


We are straight forward and we ensure to give the best to our customers and ensure our customers are informed before we take any action.

Getting Started With Your Investment In Few Minutes

Our investment platform is built around intuitive and highly accessible user interface. The whole process has been simplified. You just need to follow the three simple steps;

  • Sign up for an account

  • Choose Investment Plan

  • Pay for the plan

What is world link coin?

What is world link coin?

WorldLinkCoin is an AI Arbitrage trading platform that is developed with the latest AI and Blockchain technology to generate passive income for our members and to significantly multiply your income and provide you with stable wealth generation platform.

Our WLC AI system is built to generate passive income with your investment and significantly multiply your income, we enable investors earn 5% - 25% monthly as (income arrives weekly), the minimum investment is $1000 USD.


How it Works

Our platform is the most trusted and most powerful AI investment platform, our platform is built on the latest technology and we allow users invest with crypto or Fiat currency (United States Dollars) without paying commission. You choose an investment plan suitable for you and you make your investment and let our AI Arbitrage trading system handle your investment and ensure you receive your income regularly every month (income arrives every week).

We do the math for you; we use our powerful AI Arbitrage software for trading and managements of your assets, our AI develop mathematical algorithm designed to predict crypto environments and market behaviors to provide optimized liquidity.

Road map

World Link Coin Timeline

World Link Coin is a curated directory of the best cryptocurrency resources. We're slowly transforming the website into the best place for beginners to learn about cryptocurrencies

Q4 2018

The development of the AI Arbitrage concept and design of the software

Q4 2018

Beta version of the AI analytical platform, closed testing and finalizition


Q4 2018

Implementation of new AI candle forecast


Q4 2018

A launch of the pro version of the AI Arbitrage software


Q1 2019

Integration with exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase, HitBTC, Huobi, Kraken and Poloniex



Team and consultants

The WorldLinkCoin team is one of the pioneers in the development of AI which is based on neural networks in field of crypto finance and Arbitrage system. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have worked in top crypto firms and have been developing AI algorithmic software for many years, with over 20 years of experience in the field of AI development. We are committed to delivering cutting edge technology that drives results for our customers.

  • Fred C. Coreman

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Ralph A. Scholz

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


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